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Separated Parents Support Group

The ending of your relationship is likely to bring with it a range of difficult feelings. Our monthly Separated Parents Support Group meetings bring together mums, dads and other family members to support each other through the difficult process of divorce or family separation.


Our Support Group sessions offer a friendly and non-judgemental environment in which you can ask questions, discuss issues of concern and share information with people who understand what you are going through.


Occasionally, we invite people from various States Departments, experts from other organisations and professionals from a range of backgrounds to give informative talks on related subjects and to answer your questions.


The meetings are open, so you are free to pop in and join us whenever you are able. The aim of our meetings is to build mutually supportive networks and friendships that will help you through the changes that come with separation.


Milli’s for Separated Families

Milli's offers a comfortable, friendly, safe place where children of separated families can spend quality time with a parent, siblings or other family members they don't live with.


Milli's is open on Sunday mornings and by referral. We provide:

  • a safe caring environment where parenting time will be child centred.
  • a warm and comfortable atmosphere for both parents and childre
  • a place where a parent that the child lives with can have confidence in
  • a place where there will be no arguments or family rows
  • time for a child to relax and enjoy spending time with their parent


For further information and details regarding the referral process, please click here


Workshops for Parents

Our small, relaxed workshops offer an opportunity to look at many different aspects of family separation and are aimed at helping you to manage the often difficult transitions that you are likely to encounter.


As well as looking at how separation impacts on you, as a parent, we offer new approaches to managing change in ways that reduce the impact on your children and offer the potential for collaborative post separation parenting arrangements.


Themes covered include:

  • looking at the impact of separation on both parents and children
  • why conflict occurs and how it can be prevented
  • the emotional and psychological transitions that arise through separation
  • building new cooperative parenting relationships and
  • taking positive steps to make the right choices for children.


Our workshops help to build co-operative parenting relationship that puts the needs of your children first.



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